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Shakespeare's quote "All the world's a stage…" depicts a given person’s journey through life using theatre. To me, it perfectly captures the idea that life is one big collection of stories, hopelessly intertwined across cultures, geography and curated within each passing second.

Hello, welcome to my website, I hope you like it. Find out about my latest projects, contact me and learn anything you wish to about my work. I appreciate your interest and involvement.

My Work

It is our very humanity that helps create characters of all degrees, from sweet innocence to all-consuming rage, which contributes to the portrayal of a wide array of emotions and visual experiences.


Why Acting?

The performing arts enrich my life, taking me beyond myself. Growing up, I was introduced to many cultures living in both South Africa and the USA, which introduced me to an ever-changing environment. Different people, traditions, and faith all lead to my desire to pursue a career that could engage with multitudes of people regardless of their situation.


Dance reel
Singing Reel
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